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Subject:first ideas!!!!
Time:08:40 pm
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My Life as a Spoon

Opening credits:
Person making funny faces into spoon surface. Funky music (we'll get the soundtrack for this later) playing in background while credits bubble up from around spoon.
Cut to:
Person riding bus to school, headphones on, black stormcloud over head, thinking about how to best kill the frosh on his/her bus. Music: Rusted Root, 'Send Me on my Way'??
Opening credits still rolling. Music fades out as we reach
THE HIGH SCHOOL!!! *Jaws theme song??*

Another idea: Should the opening credits (until protagonist -- called Tag from now on-- gets to school) be in a comic book style? Y'know, as if everyone is made out of paper dolls or stick figures?? M.O., I'll explain this further later.

And I have to go wash some clothes now, which won't be in the movie, unless it's in the blooper reel; so this is all I've got so far.

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Subject:*cracks knuckles*
Time:03:21 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative
OK! Let's get this party started!

Untitled: We'll think of one later.
Summary: A day (or days?) in the life of a high schooler. I'm personally for the day. I'd like to show how much can change in one day, how even when you're as young as we are, you're life can be revolutionized in a matter of hours. Or at least you can start the day feeling crappy and then have horrible things happen to you but still feel ok in the end. Maybe we can just show how high school can be hell. I'd also like the main character to be a girl so we can have a "men are stupid" mantra. We could also have several main characters, so both of us can act equally if we make this into an actual film.
At any rate, here are the ideas that we have going right now:
Opening credits/music: pan back in forth from live actress(es) to reflection in spoon, making grotesque, warped faces.
Have main character go to locker several times during the day only to have couples making out against it. Each time she should whip out some new cleaning appliance from her locker to clean it off. The last one should be something absolutely huge so that it's ridiculous for her to have it in there.

Here's an idea I've been thinking about for a while. I'd love it if we had a character that we don't hear speak at all until the end. She/he comes close to saying things but gets cut off and interrupted throughout the plot. At one point they can be on the other side of a glass sliding door or something. It would be even cooler if we could manage making a main character totally silent too.
Ooo! We could do a little spaz on symbolism!
We could have one main character get rejected by some boy (enter men are stupid) and slowly either get over it as the day goes on or...whatever. This can symbolize teenage rejection, etc.
The other person can be silent, etc, and show how the youth can get overshadowed and outshadowed by those older than us, as well as stereotyped.
It can be all teenage angsty! Only funny! Yes, we must have humor. Humor will be most key.

w00t! May the scripting begin...
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Subject:Alrighty then!
Time:06:37 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Welcome to Scriptic!
Things are still under construction here, and as of yet I am still the only member. Hmmmm....might want to work on that.
At any rate, we, being me and my good friend Googily, are here to co-author scripts to plays, movies, or whatever else you have any mind.
We'll work out the details later, but now I just need to post so I can feel important and start playing with backgrounds and all that good stuff.

To be continued...

Yours truly,
Uruviel Nenharma
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